Health Facts

Health Facts

Health issues generally begin due to some sort of deficiency in the peptides in one’s system. Peptides are not only the building blocks of functionality within the body, but are also the building blocks of our immune system, which is comprised of antigens and up to 10 million types of immunoglobulins (antibodies) all comprised of peptide chains. In the case of illness or disease, it is generally brought on when the immune system is depleted/deficient, which relates directly to the lack of peptide chains which make up our immune system. VITALIUM restores the immune system and brings balance back to the functioning of the body, consequentially restoring health in both the short and long term.

Chronic disorders and even genetic disorders are also correlated with a lack of the appropriate peptides in our systems. In the case of genetic disorders, it is very often the case that protein-expressive genes are faulty and the appropriate functioning is not achieved. Although no medical statements can be made, it must be pointed out that the same principle applies across a wide range of medical problems – deficiencies in the functional raw materials, the peptide building blocks, are at the root of the problem.

VITALIUM increases the number of peptide building blocks in a balanced ratio of amino acids as well as one’s energy levels, significantly improving overall wellbeing and health. VITALIUM significantly increases the feeling of wellbeing which is also largely correlated to overall health. When one feels healthy, one generally is healthy and VITALIUM significantly increases the feeling of being healthy.

Health is not only about nutrients and internal processes, it is also about fitness and efficiency within the internal processes. VITALIUM provides the greatest opportunity with the least effort to achieving greater levels of fitness and efficiency, but it is important that the user contribute by becoming active and doing at least a modest amount of exercise, which will lead to greater levels of fitness and efficiency.

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